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Metal recycler bond cost

The city of Houston, Texas, requires metal recyclers, secondhand metal dealers and secondhand resellers to post $10,000 surety bonds.We can issues these bonds instantly without a credit check, so all applicants pay just $100 for their bonds.

Why this bond

Metal recycler and dealer bonds in Houston, Texas, are put in place to ensure that principals (recyclers, dealers and resellers) comply with the provisions of Article III, Chapter 7 of the Houston Code of Ordinances, all rules adopted under the article and all state laws pertaining to metal recycling entities, secondhand metal dealers or secondhand resellers while on the job. If a dealer fails to conduct business according to these terms, the bond guarantees that the principal will pay any and all legal damages and fines up to the full bond amount that result from his or her wrongful, illegal or negligent business practices to any person who suffers loss.

Secondhand metal dealer or secondhand reseller bond details

Houston metal recycler and secondhand dealer bonds remain in full force and effect throughout the term of the principal’s license.

The original surety bond form and permit fee must be submitted in person to the Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department located on the first floor at 1002 Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas. Applicants must show a valid photo ID, Driver’s License or Government Agency card.

Become a metal recycler

To become licensed as a metal recycler, secondhand metal dealer or secondhand reseller in Houston, applicants must complete the application, including providing the following information:

  • business name, address and telephone number
  • requested hours of operation
  • Federal and State Tax Identification numbers
  • type of business entity
  • citizen/alien status
  • applicant’s name, phone number and address
  • and more

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The director may require additional information before he/she approves a license.Take the first step toward becoming licensed in Houston by purchasing the surety bond you need for just $100!

Apply for your surety bond

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