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Certificate of title bond cost

The Texas Department of Transportation requires vehicle owners with insufficient proof of ownership for their vehicles to post 3-year surety bonds. Applicants must receive a rejection letter from the state that includes a specific bond amount prior to bonding.

Bonds in amounts exceeding $25,000 are subject to underwriting, which means the price of the bond is based on a review of the applicant’s credit report. Bonds in amounts less than $25,000, however, can be issued instantly without a credit check. In fact, bonds in amounts less than $6,000 cost just $100!

Why this bond

The purpose of a Texas certificate of title bond is to indemnify any prior owner, lien holder and subsequent purchaser of the vehicle, or person acquiring any security interest in it and their respective successors, against any expense, loss or damage that occurs as a result of the issuance of the certificate of title for the vehicle.

By posting the bond, the principal (vehicle owner) takes full responsibility for any loss that occurs as the result of the information listed on the bond form.

Certificate of Title details

Certificate of title bonds in Texas remain in full force and effect for a period of 3 years after the effective date listed on the bond form. Upon expiration, the Texas Department of Transportation will return the bond to the principal unless the department has been notified of a pending claim against the bond.Applicants should know the year, make, model, identification number and body style of the vehicle, as they are often required on the bond form.

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