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Automobile club bond cost

The exact price of a $20,000 Tennessee automobile club surety bond is subject to underwriting consideration. Applicants with strong financial credentials can qualify for rates as low as 1% of the bond amount, or just $200.

Are you worried because you have less-than-perfect credit? Rest assured knowing we can approve 99% of applicants through our bad credit bonding program.
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Why this bond

Tennessee automobile club surety bonds ensure that principals (automobile clubs) fully comply with all rules and regulations found in section 55-18-101 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, including providing all services promised to their members. Services offered by automobile clubs can include:

  • insurance services
  • map services
  • bail bond services
  • towing services
  • touring services

Automobile club bond details

Tennessee automobile club bonds are required by the Department of Commerce and Insurance. This bond remains in effect until canceled. If the automobile club is a partnership, each member of the partnership must sign the bond form. The surety must provide written notice to the Commissioner at least 90 days prior to cancellation of the bond.

Legally operate an automobile club in Tennessee

To operate an automobile club legally in Tennessee, applicants must provide the following:

  • a completed, signed and notarized application
  • $20 filing or renewal fee
  • proof of a current insurance license with the State of Tennessee OR a Personnel Selection Report/Criminal Background Check

All Tennessee automobile club agent licenses expire annually on June 30.

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