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Employment agency bond cost

The South Carolina Secretary of State requires employment agencies to post $3,000 surety bonds.

We can issues these bonds instantly without a credit check, so all applicants can get the bonds they need right away! A 1-year bond costs just $100, while a 2-year bond costs $175. Applicants looking to save the most money on their surety bond should consider the 3-year $250 option. This comes out to less than $85 per year!

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Why this bond

South Carolina employment agency bonds guarantee that principals (employment agencies) comply with all provisions of Act 107 of 1981 of the State of South Carolina and pay all sums due to any individual or group of individuals as contracted. Specifically, this bond protects any person who suffers financial loss as a result of the principal’s unlawful business practices.

Employment agency bond details

Employment agency bonds in South Carolina remain in full force and effect until canceled. The Secretary of State can cancel the bond at any time by providing written notice of termination to the surety. The surety can cancel the bond at any time by giving written notice of cancellation to the Secretary of State. Cancellation becomes effective 30 days after the state receives said notice.

Start an employment agency

To become licensed as an employment agency in South Carolina, applicants must:

  • submit a notarized application for licensure
  • ubmit certification by a licensed member of the South Carolina Bar verifying that all requirements of the laws of the state have been met
  • provide verification of a $3,000 surety bond
  • enclose the one-time application fee of $200 and licensing fee of $100
  • and more

Take the first step toward becoming licensed by purchasing the South Carolina surety bond you need instantly for just $100!

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