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Private investigator bond cost

The Arizona Secretary of State requires private investigators to post a $2,500 surety bond. This bond lasts for 3 years from the effective date and costs just $250! No credit check is required, so everyone qualifies for this low rate.

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Why this bond

Arizona private investigator surety bonds pertain to any person, other than insurance adjusters or on-duty police officers, who investigates crimes, the identity of any person or group, the credibility of witnesses, the whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property and more. Professionals who secure evidence to be used during trials of civil or criminal cases, or who investigate threats of violence and provide protection for individuals from serious bodily harm or death must also post an Arizona private investigator surety bond.

This bond ensures that the principal (private investigator) will not engage in any fraudulent activities, misrepresent themselves or impersonate a law enforcement officer while on the job. Arizona by the private investigator or private investigative agency.

The Arizona Secretary of State requires all private investigators and all private investigative agencies to post this specific surety bond. Arizona private investigator surety bonds expire 3 years from the effective date. The obligee requires 30 days notice of cancellation from the surety underwriting company.

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