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Contractor bond cost

Oklahoma contractor license bond amounts vary depending on the entity requiring them and type of work being completed under the license.

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City of Tulsa – Sprinkler Contractor Bond Information

The City of Tulsa sprinkler contractor bond protects clients from problems that could result when contractors fail to install a fire suppression system or automatic sprinkler system according to the laws, rules and regulations outlined in the Tulsa City Ordinances.

Enid, Oklahoma – Contractor Bond Information

The Enid, Oklahoma, contractor bond ensures that contractors finish their work according to schedule and as promised in their contracts. This particular bond also ensures that contractors abide by all rules, laws and regulations stated in the Enid Municipal Code.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Sidewalk Contractor Bond Information

The Oklahoma City sidewalk contractor bond ensures that contractors finish their projects according to schedule and as promised in their contracts. This bond also protects the City from financial loss if a contractor does not pay his or her taxes. Under this bond, contractors must abide by all laws stated in the City Code.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Sidewalk/Driveway Contractor Bond Information

The Tulsa sidewalk and/or driveway contractor bond is to be posted by contractors to ensure that they follow all laws stated in the Tulsa City Ordinances. These provisions include fixing any damages to the sidewalk or driveway within 1 year of completing the project and redoing any pavement that is not properly laid.

Midwest City, OK – Concrete Contractor Bond Information

Concrete contractors in Midwest City, Oklahoma are required to post a $5,000 surety bond to protect customers from fraudulent activity that may occur. By posting this bond contractors agree to adhere to applicable provisions of the Municipal Code of Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City, OK – Sign Contractor Bond Information

The City of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma requires sign contractors – as well as those involved in manufacturing, installing, erecting, repairing, painting, altering, servicing, or removing signs – to post a $5,000 surety bond.

This bond ensures that contractors abide by the applicable regulations outlined in the Oklahoma City Municipal Code.

Oklahoma City, OK – Fence Contractor Bond Information

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma requires fence contractors to post a $1,000 surety bond to protect customers and the state from fraudulent activity that could result.

By posting this bond, fence contractors agree to abide by provisions of the Oklahoma City Municipal Code including, but not limited to:

  • installing a sign on each fence constructed that is no less than 2 inches tall and 8 inches wide stating who installed the fence
  • paying all due fees to the city as deemed necessary
  • passing the necessary exam as given by the Director

If the principal fails to meet these standards, the state can revoke the license and require any resulting damanges to be paid for.

Construction Industries License Bond Information

Oklahoma plumbing, mechanical and electrical contractor bonds are required by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. Bonds for electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors in Oklahoma ensure that these professionals will work according to laws stated in Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

These bonds are continuous until canceled. If the surety decides to cancel this bond for any reason, 30 days of written notice must be given to the Construction Industries Board. The surety bond can have the company’s name on it, but it must always have the contractor’s name on it.

The type of contractor license must be indicated on the bond form.

Plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors must also submit a certificate of insurance evidencing a minimum of $50,000 commercial liability insurance. The individual licenseholder’s name must be on the certificate of insurance.

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