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New York Oversize permit bond cost

New York’s Department of Transportation requires all divisible and special load haulers to be bonded prior to conducting business. Types of loads include but are not limited to:

  • Aggregate
  • Scrap metal
  • Logs
  • Milk
  • Trash/refuse/garbage
  • Manufactured homes
  • Self-propelled construction vehicles

Be sure to contact the Department of Transportation to find out the exact amount you are required to post. Providing a bond expert with your given bond amount can speed up the bonding process and might lower the bond rate.

Bond premiums are subject to underwriting, meaning the amount you pay is based on the financial credentials of your credit report. No matter your credit, our oversize permit bonding professionals can get you bonded at the lowest rate available to your specific needs.

Why this bond

By posting this bond, the principal obligates to comply with all conditions and terms of the permit issued, in addition to performing satisfactory and honest work. More specifically, this bond offers indemnity to any person who suffers a damage or loss due to the negligence of the principal.

Oversize permit bond details

All bonds will remain in full force unless voided.

Permit do I need to operate

To legally conduct business within the State of New York you must first be licensed. License requirements are based on the type of permit you are applying for. To find out what all you need for license approval, check out the NY permits page.

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