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Energy consultant bond cost

Energy consultants must post a $10,000 surety bond before they can obtain the appropriate license. The price an applicant pays for this bond will be based on his or her credit report. Applicants with exceptional credit could pay just 1% of the total bond amount, or just $100!

We work hard to get you bonded for the lowest price possible to receive a free bond quote within 1 business day of applying. Contact one of our surety specialists to receive a free, personalized bond quote within 1 business day of applying. Call 888.610.4474, or click here, to begin the bonding process.

Why this bond

New Jersey energy consultant bonds ensure that energy brokers, consultants and agents handle all customer information ethically and lawfully. The bond also guarantees that consultants:

  • provide independent advice to customers for the purchase of retail electricity, electric-related services, retail gas supply, or gas-related services
  • maintain customer information in accordance with applicable confidentiality laws, rules and regulations
  • not file for bankruptcy

Energy consultant bonds are required by the Treasurer of New Jersey and remain effective for 1 year. The bond term should coincide with the license term. This bond can be continued for an additional year if a continuation certificate is signed by the surety and the principal.

Become an energy consultant

The following materials must be submitted with the application:

  • certificate of formation or certificate of incorporation
  • certificate of authority (only for out-of-state corporations)
  • $10,000 surety bond

Energy consultant licenses expire annually. A licensed energy agent must renew his or her license at least 30 days before its expiration date.

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