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Outdoor advertising bond cost

The Mississippi Department of Transportation requires outdoor advertisers to post $1,000 surety bonds before putting up a billboard.

We can issues these bonds for just $100 – no credit check required.

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Why this bond

Mississippi outdoor advertising bonds are put in place to ensure that principals (billboard owners) adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Mississippi Transportation Commission regarding the placement, adjustment and removal of advertising signs adjacent to state highways.

Outdoor advertising business bond details

Outdoor advertising bonds in Mississippi remain in full force and effect until violated by the principal or canceled by the surety.

The county on the bond form must be where the billboard is located.

Start an outdoor advertising business

To obtain a permit to erect outdoor signs, applicants must complete and sign the application, have it notarized and present it to the Mississippi Department of Transportation Maintenance Division in Jackson, Mississippi, and attach an $85 fee made payable to the Mississippi Transportation Commission.

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