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Lost title surety bond cost

The exact amount of coverage needed for your Minnesota lost title bond will be calculated at 1.5 times the total vehicle value, which will be determined by the state. Bond amounts for $6,000 or less can be processed instantly for a flat rate of just $100. If you need more than $25,000 of coverage for your Minnesota lost title bond, the premium will be subject to underwriting.

Our team of surety specialists can get you bonded over the phone in just 5 minutes – no credit check required!Give us a call today 888.610.4474 or at submit a bond request to receive a Minnesota certificate of title surety bond for as low as $100!

Why this bond

Minnesota certificate of title bonds are required for anybody who purchases a vehicle from a seller who does not have ample proof of ownership. This bond is issued when the original title is either lost or stolen, or if the vehicle in question is too old to have one.The bond serves as a guarantee that the buyer and seller have no knowledge of the vehicle being stolen and that no fraud occurred during the transaction.

Ready to get bonded? Let our experts do all of the hard work for you! Simply submit a bond request, and one of our bond experts will contact you almost immediately. Pay as low as $100 for a Minnesota certificate of title surety bond when you work with us!

What this bond

Whenever the ownership of a vehicle is in question, the Department of Public Safety will require you to submit the following to register your vehicle:

  • the specified application
  • a certificate of title surety bond
  • an affidavit that identifies the make, model, year and vehicle identification number
  • a statement that the applicant is an owner and has physical possession of the vehicle
  • payment for required taxes and fees

Before you can get a certificate of title surety bond, you must know the value of the vehicle, which is determined by the state. Contact the Department of Public Safety to determine the value of the vehicle in question. Once you have this information, we can help you get bonded quickly, easily and accurately.

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