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Forestation bond cost

The Maryland Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits has drafted a forestation agreement for relevant projects within the county. As part of the agreement, all developers must post a surety bond in an amount not less than $1.50 for every square foot of area being worked on.

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Why this bond

Anne Arundel County forestation surety bonds hold applicants to the highest standards of the law and ensure the prompt and faithful payment of all dues. This bond requires that the principal (developer) maintains all plants within the areas and completes reforestation, afforestation, or replanting in the areas being worked on. The principal must also notify the county within 30 days of installation of plant materials so the accuracy of the installations can be verified.

If the principal fails to pay all taxes and fees associated with a reforestation project or does not properly install and maintain plants, the county can make a claim against the bond. If the claim is found to be valid, the surety will compensate the county for any damages. The principal is ultimately responsible for reimbursing the surety.

Anne Arundel County forestation surety bonds are required by Anne Arundel County, Maryland. These bonds are continuous until canceled, and the surety must give the obligee 30 days’ notice prior to cancellation.

Submitting your bond

When submitting your bond, be sure to include a copy of your forest conservation plan, buffer management plan or bog protection plan. If the project is not completed or the developer fails to install all plants according to contract, the county may complete the project at the expense of the developer. Additionally, the county may pursue any and all available remedies at the expense of the principal.

Two inspections must take place once plants have been installed; one within 30 days of initial planting and one in two years to check on the plants’ progress.

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