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Information on Janitorial Bonding

Janitorial service surety bonds are a type of specialized business service bond for the home and business cleaning industry. With this bond in place, you protect customers from losses incurred as a result of theft committed by unethical employees. These bonds are also known by these names:

  • housekeeper surety bonds
  • maid surety bonds
  • residential cleaning surety bonds

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Purchase a Bond and Grow Your Business

A janitorial service bond protects your customers if an employee chooses to act unethically and steal while on the job. Because of this, being bonded reassures customers that they’ve chosen a credible cleaning company for all of their residential and business cleaning needs. Once you have your janitorial service bond in hand, promote the fact that you’re bonded in all of your marketing efforts to help potential customers feel more confident in your company and build a trustworthy business reputation.

There is also a significant benefit for recent start-ups. A newly founded business generally does not have a lot of time to accumulate wealth, so it would likely fail if an employee steals a significant amount of money. A janitorial service bond can eliminate the risk of a business failing due to employee theft, because the business would be reimbursed for their loss.

Pay a Low Rate for Your Janitorial Bond

For companies with five or fewer employees, janitorial service bonds only cost $121 for a year of $10,000 coverage, $180 for a year of $25,000 coverage, $247 for a year of $50,000 or $334 for a year of $100,000 coverage. Annual rates increase slightly for each additional employee.

No Credit Check Required!

Don’t let a low credit score or poor financial history keep you from getting the janitorial service bond you need to boost your business! we doesn’t require credit checks when issuing janitorial service bonds, so contact us now to get bonded quickly, easily and cheaply.

Get Your Residential Cleaning Bond Today

We makes getting a surety bond easy! Simply fill out our quick online contact form, and an expert surety specialist will contact you ASAP to take your application. At this time, we’ll need to know the name of your business, the state in which your employees will work, the number of employees you want to cover and the amount of coverage you want. Your bond will be processed as soon as payment is received, and you’ll receive a copy of your bond via email. Your original bond form will be sent to you in the mail according to your shipping preferences.

Learn More About Housekeeper Surety Bonds

As the owner of a home or business cleaning company, you and/or your employees enter the personal spaces of your customers on a daily basis. Can you trust all of your employees? Even if you have never encountered an incident and have the utmost trust in your staff, the reality is you, your business and your employees are easy targets for blame if something goes missing in a client’s home or business. Purchase a janitorial service bond today to reassure customers of your professional credibility.

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