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Mixed martial arts bond cost

Indiana boxing and MMA promoter surety bonds are required by the Indiana Gaming Commission and must be in the amount of $10,000. These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, which means that the cost a client will pay depends directly on his or her credit report.

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Why this bond

By posting an Indiana boxing and MMA promoter surety bond, the principal (promoter) agrees to abide by all of the laws stated in Title 4 of the Indiana Code. Some of these provisions include:

  • Only selling up to as many seats as there are at an event’s venue
  • Ensuring the venue is properly ventilated and has fire exits and escapes
  • Only allowing boxing and MMA matches to occur between professional fighters at the specified venue

If any of these rules or regulations are broken, it’s the principal’s job to reimburse the surety underwriting company for all of the damages it covers.

Mixed martial arts bond details

Promoter boxing bonds in Indiana are continuous until canceled. The state requires surety companies to provide them with at least 30 days’ notice before canceling a bond.

The principal must know his or her license number and the name of the county in which they will do the majority of their business.

Become an MMA or boxing promoter

There are a few documents you will need to submit with your Indiana boxing and MMA promoter license application, such as:

  • A list of names you have acted under in the boxing and/or MMA community in Indiana
  • Any licenses held for boxing or MMA promoting
  • A corporate structure organization chart
  • A criminal history and background check
  • A $10,000 surety bond

We can help you with that last requirement! If you’re ready to get bonded so that you can meet all of the boxing and MMA promoter licensing requirements, submit a bond request today. At surety bonds we are committed to getting you the lowest possible rate on the Indiana boxing and MMA promoter surety bond you need.

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