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Hunting and Fishing License Bond Guide

We are legally licensed to issue hunting and fishing license bonds nationwide. Whether you sell licenses in Colorado, New Hampshire, Kansas or Florida, we can help!

Hunting and fishing license bonds are a unique type of surety bond in terms of why they’re required. Just as lottery vendors must file a surety bond with the state before they can sell lottery tickets, sellers of hunting and fishing licenses must file a surety bond before they can legally sell licenses in certain areas. Don’t worry if you’re wondering what a surety bond is. We created this guide to hunting and fishing license bonding just for you.


State Specific Costs

Hunting and fishing license bond costs and requirements vary greatly as the bond amounts and regulations surrounding each license are established on a state level. Select your state below for more information about fishing and hunting bonds in your area.

  • Florida
  • New Hampshire

Pay a Low Rate Without a Credit Check!

Because little risk is involved with hunting and fishing license bonds, We can write these bonds freely without requiring applicants to undergo a credit check. The only variation in cost depends on how much bonding coverage a state requires. Most clients pay just $100 to $200 for a year of hunting and fishing surety bond coverage.

Learn More About Surety Bonds

Surety bonds bind three parties together to ensure certain obligations are fulfilled. When it comes to hunting and fishing license bonds:

  • the government agency requiring the bond is the obligee
  • the hunting/fishing license business owner purchasing the bond is the principal
  • the underwriter issuing the bond is the surety

By purchasing a surety bond, the business owner pledges to sell hunting and fishing licenses according to law. By producing the bond, the surety backs this pledge.

If a hunting and fishing license vendor fails to uphold the terms of the surety contract and the laws of the industry, the bond protects consumers and the state and/or city from financial loss. Finally, hunting and fishing license vendors that fail to maintain a bond as required will not qualify for business licensing.

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