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Title agency bond cost in Florida

The Department of Financial Services Division of Agent and Agency Services – Bureau of Licensing in Florida requires title agencies to post $35,000 surety bonds to legally operate within the state.

These bonds are subject to underwriting, which means the amount a client pays is based directly on his or her personal credit report. With good credit, applicants could pay as low as $350 for their bond! Even with lower credit, our team works hard to get you the best bond price available. Get your free bond quote now!

Why this bond

Florida title agency bonds ensure that principals (title agencies) faithfully perform all duties and responsibilities under the agency’s contract with each title insurer for which the principal is licensed. The bond protects title insurers from financial loss that results of the principal’s breach of contract.

Title agency bond details

Florida title agency bonds are continuous until canceled. To cancel this bond, the surety must give the state at least 30 days notice prior to the effective cancellation date.

The surety must provide a copy of the cancellation notice to the title insurers that have appointed the principal as agent, but the failure to provide a copy of said notice does not effect the validity of the cancellation.

The principal’s Federal Tax ID number must be listed on the bond, so applicants should have this information readily available during the bonding process.

Become a title agency

To obtain a title agency license in Florida, all applicants must post the required surety bond, turn in an application and have any major owner, partner, officer and director fingerprinted as designated by the Department. More information can be accessed via the Additional information section of this page.

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