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Medicaid provider surety bond cost

The Agency for Health Care Administration (HCA) in Florida requires Medicaid providers to post $50,000 surety bonds to operate within the state. These bonds are subject to underwriting, which means that the amount you’ll pay is based on a review of your credit report.

Why this bond

Medicaid provider bonds in Florida ensure that principals (companies, agencies and healthcare providers) that allow patients to use Medicaid as an insurance method pay the state the required fees. Specifically, principals pledge to honestly and faithfully apply all funds received and conduct business in compliance with 409.07 of the Florida Statutes.

Medicaid provider surety bond details

Florida Medicaid provider bonds remain in effect for 1 year. The Agency for Health Care Administration can terminate the bond by giving written notice of termination to the surety via certified mail. Cancellation becomes effective at least 60 days from the mailing date of the notice.

The surety can cancel the bond by also giving 60 days’ notice prior to cancellation to the agency. Most surety underwriting companies required the principal’s Medicaid provider number and/or tax ID number to produce this bond.

Become a medicaid provider

To receive Medicaid reimbursement for services rendered to Medicaid recipients, providers must enroll online in the Florida Medicaid program. The completed application and all applicable forms can be submitted online.

Once the application process is complete, Provider Enrollment will review the application for accuracy. Upon completion of the enrollment process, approved providers are issued a 9-digit Medicaid provider number. The provider will then be able to participate in the Florida Medicaid program.

This number will be required to obtain a surety bond. Visit the Additional information section of this page for more enrollment information. Take the next step toward becoming a Medicaid provider in Florida by purchasing the surety bond you need.

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