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Construction license bond cost

The Construction Industry Licensing Board requires that applicants seeking their construction license may prove financial responsibility by purchasing a surety bond if their FICO-derived credit score falls below 660. The bond amount is dependent upon the type of license that the applicant is seeking. Those looking to become a Division I contractor must provide a $20,000 surety bond and the bond amount for Division II contractors is set at $10,000.

However, these amounts may be lowered to $10,000 for Division I contractors and $5,000 for Division II contractors if they wish to complete a board-approved financial responsibility course. The cost of these bonds is determined by credit and is subject to underwriting, although applicants with credit closer to 660 may be approved at just 1-3%.

Why this bond

Construction license bonds are in place to guarantee that the licensee makes all payments to the Florida State Treasurer and keeps accurate books and records to provide reports as necessary. By submitting a surety bond, licensees are also indemnifying themselves to conduct business in compliance with all laws and regulations set forth by the Board. In the event that the licensee fails to meet any of these guarantees, a claim may be filed against the bond. The surety will settle the claim by paying out up to the amount of the bond, at which point the licensee must reimburse the surety for any money paid out.

Construction license bond details

The bond must remain in effect until the licensee is able to demonstrate to the Board that they have a credit score of 660 or higher. The surety may also cancel the bond by mailing a cancellation notice to the Executive Director of the Board 30 days in advance—though they are still liable for any money owed while the bond is in effect, including the 30-day-notice period.

Become a construction professional

Submitting a bond is one step in the process, however, those wishing to become certified (licensed to operate statewide) must also meet the following requirements:

  • Submit an application
  • 18 years of age
  • Pass state certification exam
  • Four years of experience and/or college
  • Provide fingerprints for background check
  • Obtain liability and property damage insurance
  • Pay any applicable fees

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