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Information on Energy Broker Bonds

We are legally licensed to issue energy broker bonds in all 50 states. Whether you work in Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Maryland, we can bond you!

About one-third of the states in the U.S. have deregulated their energy markets, which means individuals can use competitive rates to encourage clients to switch energy providers. Government agencies in most states require that these energy brokers purchase surety bond insurance.


State Specific Costs

Energy broker bond costs and requirements vary greatly as the bond amounts and regulations surrounding each bond are established on a state level. Select your state below for more information about energy broker bonds in your area.

  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington, D.C.

Pay a Low Rate for Your Energy Broker Bond

We shop your bond around to make sure you get the lowest surety bond cost available. Your exact premium will depend on how much coverage you need combined with your personal application. Rates for these bonds are typically between 1 and 5% for applicants with good credit. For $10,000 of coverage, this translates to a $100 to $500 premium.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

Don’t let your low credit score keep you from getting the bond you need! We have an exclusive Bad Credit Bonding Program that allows us to approve 99% of applicants regardless of credit history.

Get Your Bond Quickly & Easily

We know you want to start your work as an energy broker as quickly as possible, so we provide quick, easy and accurate bonding services. If you apply today, we guarantee to have a free, no obligation price quote to you within 1 business day. Your bond will be issued once your payment is processed. If you’re in a rush, choose our overnight shipping option.

Learn More About Energy Broker Bonds

The exact protection these bonds provide depends on the legal language used on the specific contract. Each state has its own bonding requirements for energy brokers, so if you plan to broker energy in multiple states, you’ll have to purchase a bond in every state you’ll work in.

No matter what state the bond is issued for, three parties will be involved. When it comes to this type of bond, the three parties are as follows.

  • Principal: the energy broker who purchases the bond
  • Obligee: the state that requires the bond to ensure the credibility of a broker
  • Surety: the insurance underwriter that issues the bond

If an energy broker fails to meet the bond’s terms, a claim can be made against the bond to access funds to pay retribution to harmed parties.

These bonds should not be confused with utility surety bonds that are used to guarantee that clients who consume large amounts of energy pay their utility bills in full and on time.

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