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Security service provider bond cost

The Delaware State Police requires security system providers and protective services agencies to post $10,000 surety bonds.

Surety Bonds issues these bonds instantly without a credit check. This means that all applicants will pay just $175 for 2 years of bond coverage!

Why this bond

By posting a Delaware security systems and protective services agency bond, principals (security service providers) pledge to conduct business according to the provisions of Section 1212, Chapter 12, Title 24 of the Delaware Code.

If the principal fails to comply with these terms, the bond protects harmed parties from financial loss. Get bonded for 2 years today!

Security systems/protective services agency bond details

Security systems bonds in Delaware remain in full force and effect until canceled or violated. The surety can cancel the bond at any time by giving written notice of cancellation via certified mail to the obligee 30 days prior to the effective date of termination.

Become a security agency

To become a licensed security business in Delaware, a completed application must be sent to the Superintendent of the State Police. The following information must be attached to each application:

  • A list of all convictions
  • One set of fingerprints
  • An affidavit
  • A surety bond

The superintendent may require additional information to determine if an applicant meets all license requirements. Complete licensing information can be accessed via the Important Links section of this page.

Don’t let getting a surety bond delay getting your business license. Choose Surety Bonds for fast, easy and accurate bonding services!

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