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Home services provider bond cost

Homemaker companion agencies are required by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to post $1,000 surety bonds. These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, and qualified applicants could pay as low as $100.

Why this bond

By posting a Connecticut homemaker companion agency bond, the principal (homemaker companion agency) pledges to comply with all provisions of the law and any regulations covering the principal’s activity while on the job.

The bond protects harmed parties from financial loss that occurs as a result of the principal’s unlawful and unethical business practices.

Homemaker companion agency bond details

Homemaker companion agency bonds in Connecticut remain continuous until canceled. The surety can cancel the bond by providing written notice of cancellation to the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and to the homemaker agency 30 days prior to the effective date of termination.

Become a Homemaker companion agency

Before an applicant is eligible to conduct business as a homemaker companion agency in Connecticut, he or she must first register with the Department of Consumer Protection. To register your agency, you must submit a homemaker companion agency application along with all required fees and proof of a $1,000 surety bond.

Some applicants might be required by the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection to submit additional information for registration approval.

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