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Telemarketing bond cost

The Attorney General of California requires telephonic sellers to post $100,000 surety bonds before conducting business. These professionals might also need to obtain an additional surety bond if they offer a promotion with a premium of a market or advertised value of $500 or more. The required amount for this additional bond varies and is based on the total value of the premiums being offered.

These bonds are subject to underwriting, so the price you’ll pay depends on a review of your personal credit report. The best way to find out exactly how much you’ll pay for your bond is to request your free bond quote now!

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Why this bond

California telephonic seller bonds ensure that principals (telephonic sellers) comply with the provisions of Article 1.4 Part 3 of Division 7 of the Business and Professions Code of California. The bond is put in place to protect consumers from financial loss that occurs as a result of the principal’s noncompliance.

Telephonic seller bond details

These bonds run continuously unless otherwise canceled by the surety or the principal. This bond must be filed with the Attorney General and remain in compliance with Government Code section 17511 of Chapter 1. If the surety chooses to terminate the bond early, prior written notice must be given to the state.

Become a telephonic seller

Any person who wishes to act as a telephonic seller in California must first register with the Attorney General. To register, the applicant must file a Telephonic Seller Registration Form, which can be accessed from the Important Links section of this page. Applicants must also submit a filing fee of $50. Once registered, telemarketers must file quarterly and annual renewals. click start the licensing process by purchasing the California telemarketing surety bond you need!

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