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Registration service bond cost

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires anyone who approves vehicle registration ownership, renews vehicle registration or transfers vehicle ownership to post $25,000 surety bonds.

These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, so the price you’ll pay depends on a review of your personal credit report. The best way to find out exactly how much you’ll pay for your bond is to request your free bond quote now!

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Why this bond

By posting a California registration service bond, principals (registration service agents) pledge to not cause any loss to the public or the state as a result of the principal’s unethical or unlawful business practices. Prohibited actions under this bond include:

  • Knowingly or negligently accepting false statements submitted to the registration service
  • Permitting or committing fraudulent practices
  • Using a false or fictitious name
  • Operating with a suspended license
  • And more

If the principal violates the terms of the surety contract, the bond protects harmed parties from financial loss up to the full amount of the bond. The principal must reimburse the surety for any damages paid out.

Registration service bond details

Registration service bonds in California remain in full force and effect and run concurrently with the license period. The surety can cancel the bond in accordance with Article 13 (commencing with section 996.310), Chapter 2, Title 14, Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Become a registration service

To become a legally-operating registration service in California, applicants must complete and submit a licensing packet to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A completed licensure packet includes:

  • Application for occupational license for registration service
  • Surety bond
  • Copy of valid driver’s license or ID
  • Verifiable social security number
  • Property use verification for registration service
  • Request for live scan service (fingerprints)
  • And more

A full list of licensing requirements can be accessed via the Additional information section of this page.Take the first step toward becoming licensed in California by purchasing the surety bond you need quickly and easily!

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