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BNSF railroad surety bond cost

If your company will be moving rail-owned or controlled equipment at a BNSF facility, you must provide a $10,000 surety bond directly to Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

The price you’ll pay for your bond depends on a review of your personal credit report. Qualified applicants could pay as low as $100.

Why this bond

By posting a Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bond, the principal (railroad transporter) promises to perform all duties and obligations as stated in his or her railroad agreement. This bond also ensures that principals pay all charges due and compensate the BNSF for any damages that might occur if the bond agreement is violated.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Bond details

BNSF railroad bonds in Texas remain in full force and effect and run continuously until and unless the bond is terminated/canceled. The bond becomes effective on the date listed on the bond form and can be canceled by delivery of a written notice from either the principal or the surety to the Interchange Agreement Manager in Fort Worth, Texas. Cancellation becomes effective 60 days after the delivery date of the notice.

Apply for your surety bond

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