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Pesticide applicator bond cost

New commercial pest control operators who have structural licenses (bird control, fumigation, general pest and rodent control or wood destroying organisms licenses) are required to have a $50,000 bond for the first three years of business. During the fourth year of business, the required bond amount will decrease to $10,000 per year.

All other license categories are required to purchase a $10,000 bond. Pest control bonds for $10,000 of coverage can be issued instantly for $100 without a credit check. If your license requires $50,000 of coverage, your application will be submitted for underwriting consideration, and you’ll be provided with a free surety bond quote.Give us a call at 888.610.4474 or submit a bond request to begin our fast and easy bonding process.

Why this bond

Tennessee pesticide applicator surety bonds ensure that the principal (commercial pesticide applicator) complies with all of the rules and regulations found in the Tennessee Application of Pesticides Act of 1978. A few of these provisions include:

  • faithfully adhering to all written contracts
  • not using a pesticide in any way other than as instructed on its label
  • only allowing licensed operators to supervise branch offices

Pesticide applicator bond details

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture requires each licensed commercial pesticide applicator to post a Tennessee pesticide applicator bond. The bond term varies depending on the type of pesticide application the principal will conduct.

Become a pesticide applicator

The Tennessee Application of Pesticides Act (TAPA) regulates the application of pesticides. All companies that offer any custom pesticide application are required by TAPA to have a pest control charter. A charter is a permit issued by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture that authorizes a business to conduct itself as a commercial pest control company. Commercial pest control operators must purchase a charter for each business location. The charter requires each company to have at least one licensed worker for every service offered by the business.

Charters must be renewed every two years.

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