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Mortgage broker, lender or servicer bond cost

The Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions requires mortgage brokers, lenders and servicers to post surety bonds as a licensing requirement. Brokers must post $90,000 bonds, and lenders and servicers must post $200,000 bonds. Licensees who choose to broker and lend and/or service loans are required to carry the higher bond amount of $200,000.

Some surety underwriting companies require current business financials and a personal financial statement to underwrite these bonds, so having these documents handy will expedite the bonding process and could help you qualify for a lower premium rate.Give us a call at 888.610.4474 or submit a bond request to begin our fast and easy bonding process.

Why this bond

Tennessee mortgage broker, lender or servicer surety bonds are put in place for the benefit of any person injured by the principal’s (mortgage broker, lender or servicer) wrongful acts, defaults, fraud or misrepresentation while on the job. By posting this bond, the principal pledges to conduct business ethically and in accordance with all laws of the state and industry.

If the principal fails to comply with the provisions of the surety bond contract, the surety will initially cover any damages up to the full penal sum of the bond. The principal must reimburse the surety for any sums paid out.

Mortgage broker or lender bond details

Mortgage broker bonds in Tennessee remain in full force and effect until canceled and for as long as the principal remains in compliance with the terms of the surety bond contract. These bonds become effective on the date listed on the bond form and remain in force for a period of 1 year.

This bond must be maintained by the principal for at least 2 years following the expiration, revocation, suspension or surrender of his or her license.

Become a mortgage broker

Tennessee mortgage broker, lender or servicer applicants must apply for licensure through NMLS.

Prerequisites for a license application include:

  • a net worth of $25,000 for headquarters plus an additional $25,000 per branch location in Tennessee
  • surety bond in the proper amount
  • criminal fingerprinting-based background checks for certain individuals
  • experience of at least 1 year in the mortgage industry
  • sufficient financial responsibility
  • and more

Take the first step toward becoming licensed in Tennessee by purchasing the surety bond you need quickly and easily!

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