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Pawnbroker bond cost

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs requires pawnbrokers to post $5,000 special deposit surety bonds prior to conducting business.

Pawnbroker special deposit bonds can be issued instantly for just $100 without a credit check.

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Why this bond

South Carolina pawnbroker special deposit bonds ensure that principals (pawnbrokers) comply with the South Carolina Pawnbroker Act (South Carolina Code 40-39-10) while on the job. If the principal violates this code and the terms of the surety bond contract, the bond protects the state and consumers from financial loss up to the full bond amount.

Pawnbroker special deposit bond details

The surety can cancel pawnbroker special deposit bonds in South Carolina by giving written notice of cancellation to the administrator of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Cancellation becomes effective 45 days after the notice is received. The bond can also be terminated if the administrator mails written authorization to the surety.

The bond form must be acknowledged by a notary public.

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