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Cosmetology school bond cost

The required amount of a North Carolina cosmetology school bond must be equal to the maximum amount of prepaid tuition held by the school at any time during the last fiscal year. The minimum required bond amount is $10,000.

The price you’ll pay for your cosmetic art school bond is based on a review of your personal credit report. Give us a call at 888.610.4474 or submit a bond request to begin our fast and easy bonding process.

Why this bond

To operate a cosmetic art school in North Carolina, it’s a requirement to obtain a proprietary school bond as well as authorization from the State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. This specific bond assures that if students or sponsors are wronged, they can be compensated for any financial losses.

Specifically, this bond guarantees that payments by students to the school (tuition, instructional materials fee, laboratory fee, library fee, book fee, etc.) will be returned to the students if the school fails to provide instruction, academic services and other goods and services related to course enrollment as contracted.

Cosmetology school bond details

The bond will run continuously unless it is canceled by the surety. If the surety chooses to terminate the bond, 30 days’ notice prior to cancellation must be given to the principal (school) and the State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. A continuation certificate must be obtained by the principal each year for the bond to remain effective.

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