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Immigration assistance service providers surety bond cost

Surety Bonds offers immigration assistance server providers bonds in New York for different costs depending on each applicant’s individual credit report. Even though this bond is subject to underwriting, our surety experts will work hard to find you the best price for your unique credit situation. The bond amount that the applicant is required to post must be in the amount of $50,000.

Why this bond

Being bonded means protecting people from any unjust business practices or fraud conducted by immigration assistance providers in New York. This specific bond type assures that if clients are wronged, they have a safeguard from unprofessional acts of business and can be compensated for any potential losses they may face.

Immigration assistance service providers are responsible for providing customers with required contracts and receipts, displaying the appropriate signs in plain view at the principal place of business and signing each immigration form that he or she prepares. Unethical acts covered by this bond include, but are not limited to:

  • Giving customers any legal advice, such as coaching them for immigration interviews or advising them to file specific immigration forms that meet your preference
  • Informing customers that you can provide special favors or have special influence with immigration authorities
  • Retaining customers’ original documents, such as birth certificates
  • Charging any unjustified fees or compensation
  • Making unjustified promises or guarantees to customers
  • Disclosing customers’ private information

Immigration assistance service providers surety bond details

This bond will run continuously in full force and effect unless otherwise canceled by the surety or the principal. If either party wishes to terminate the bond, a 60-day written notice prior to cancellation is required to be submitted and filed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. If the principal does not remain in compliance with the rules and regulations stated in the bond form, the state’s obligation to the principal will become void.

Become an immigration assistance service provider

Any person who receives compensation for providing assistance regarding immigration to another individual in the state of New York is required to obtain the appropriate registration before doing so. In order to receive the mandatory registration, the applicant must complete the application packet in its entirety, maintain a surety bond of the appropriate amount and pay all required filing or registration fees.

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