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Contractor bond cost

Surety bonds for contractors in Joplin, Missouri, are set in the amount of $10,000. We  can issue these bonds instantly without a credit check! This means that every applicant qualifies for the same low price.

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Why this bond

Joplin, Missouri, contractor bonds are put in place to ensure that contractors carry out all business in compliance with the provisions of Joplin Ordinance No. 22631 and all applicable amendments.

Contractor bond details

Contractor bonds for the city of Joplin, Missouri, can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 year terms. These bonds expire on April 14, so your bond premium could be prorated depending on when you buy it. Our team of surety experts works hard to get you bonded according to your specific needs.

Become a general contractor

A general contractor in the city of Joplin, MO, must do the following before being eligible for licensure:

  • post a $10,000 surety bond
  • obtain liability insurance with coverage of at least $300,000
  • purchase worker’s compensation insurance if responsible for more than one employee
  • pay the $200 general builder business license fee

More licensing information can be accessed via the Additional Information section of this page.

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