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Notary bond cost

Surety Bonds  offers 4-year Kansas Notary bonds for just $50! Because this bond is not subject to underwriting, everyone qualifies instantly for the same low rate.

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Why this bond

Because notaries handle important legal documents and other information, it is essential for them to be trustworthy. By purchasing a notary bond, the notary guarantees that he or she will notarize all documents lawfully and ethically. If the notary public fails to do so, the person in need of a notarized document will be protected from errors made by the notary public. This bond ensures that the applicant cannot violate the public’s trust through negligence of his or her duties without funds being available to reimburse those who suffer losses. The following acts are prohibited:

  • accepting payments other than the authorized fee for the notarial act completed such as excess commission, fees, advantages, titles, interest or property
  • knowing that the person whose signature on the notarized document is a relative of the notary public by marriage, law or bloodline
  • influencing a person in an unlawful transaction
  • allowing others to use his or her notary stamp
  • certifying a document containing information known by the notary to be false

Surety Bonds  offers Kansas Notary public bonds instant issue, which means they are not subject to underwriting. 5 minutes over the phone and $50 is all it takes to get bonded when you work with Surety Bonds. Get bonded today!

Notary bonds in the state of Kansas will run continuously and in full force for a 4-year period automatically coinciding with the notary’s appointment.On the bond form, applicants must include their name as it appears on their notary license, their residential address, their business address and the expiration date of their most recent Kansas appointment. Applicants must also affix an impression of their seal on the bond form.Surety Bonds  offers Kansas notary surety bonds with and without Errors and Omissions insurance.

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