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Motor vehicle fuel bond cost

Surety Bonds  offers fuel distributor, importer/exporter, and manufacturer bonds for different costs depending on the amount of coverage needed and the applicant’s credit report. Even though this bond is subject to underwriting, our team can find the lowest price available for your unique financial situation. The amount of coverage needed is determined by the state, and it cannot be less than $5,000.

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Why this bond

Motor fuel and special fuel tax bonds ensure that principals (fuel handlers) comply with all the provisions of motor fuel tax laws in Kansas- such as paying taxes and other fees. If a principal fails to fulfill these terms, a claim can be made against the bond to recover owed funds.

The Kansas Department of Revenue maintains three separate bond forms – one for each motor fuel designation (distributor, importer/exporter, or manufacturer). The principal’s business structure and street address must be listed on the form. If the bond is to be canceled, the surety must provide at least 60 days notice to the obligee.

Become a motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor or importer/exporter

It is unlawful for anyone to act as a motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor, or importer/exporter without first obtaining the proper license. In addition to providing a bond, an applicant must submit a fully filled out application packet to become licensed. The application must include the following information:

  • the name that the applicant intends to transact business under
  • the mailing address and location address
  • the company’s Federal Employers Identification Number
  • the company’s business phone and fax number
  • contact information for all owners with 5% or more ownership
    and more

There is no fee required to apply. Licenses can be renewed annually before the first day of November. Detailed licensing information can be found in the “Additional information” section of this page.If you’re ready to get your motor fuel business license in Kansas, purchase your required surety bond now!

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