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Medicaid transportation provider bond cost

The Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning requires Medicaid transportation providers in the state to post a $50,000 surety bond. This bond is subject to underwriting, which means the amount each applicant will pay varies depending on a review of their personal credit report. Don’t worry if your credit is less than perfect!

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Why this bond

Medicaid transportation providers can include those who offer different types of transportation:

  • Common Carrier (Ambulatory or Non-Ambulatory)
  • Ambulance or Air Ambulance
  • Family Member
  • Bus
  • Taxi

This bond allows individuals to offer transportation services to Medicaid recipients. This includes rides to medical and other health-related appointments covered under the Medicaid recipient’s specific plan.

This bond ensures that Medicaid transportation providers comply with Indiana Code 12–15–11. It guarantees that Medicaid recipients will be protected if the provider violates a law causing damages to the recipient. Recipients can file a claim against the surety bond for reimbursement if they sustain damages as a result of the transportation provider’s negligence.

Medicaid transportation provider bond details

The bond requires the surety company to pay valid claims within 30 days of receiving written notice of proof of the surety’s liability. It must be continuously in effect for at least three years after the transportation provider applies for enrollment with Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP).

Become a Medicaid transportation provider

Medicaid transportation providers must enroll with IHCP by filling out an enrollment packet, which you can find under Important Links. Your application fee will vary depending on the risk level assigned by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You can determine your risk level and application fee using the matrix listed under Important Links. You’ll need to purchase a surety bond and submit a copy along with your completed enrollment packet.
Mail your enrollment packet in for review:

  • Provider Enrollment Unit
  • P.O. Box 7263
  • Indianapolis, IN 46207-7263

Apply for your surety bond

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