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Wine, beer or liquor bond cost

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission requires businesses to be bonded if they produce alcohol. The amount of coverage required depends on the license type: $1,000 for vintners; $10,000 for brewers, distillers and liquor wholesalers; and $15,000 for rectifiers.

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Why this bond

Indiana alcoholic beverage commission surety bonds ensure that principals (vintners, brewers, distillers, liquor wholesalers and rectifiers) will abide by all laws, rules and regulations stated in Title 7 of the Indiana Code. This bond protects customers from unlawful acts performed by the principal. Some of the provisions principals must follow under this bond are:

  • Refraining from selling alcohol on Sundays (with the exception of authorized sporting events or races)
  • Transporting alcoholic beverages only in lawful containers as described in the Code
  • Posting approved licenses and applications where the public can see them

If any laws stated in the Indiana Code are broken, the surety will cover damages up to the full bond amount, and the principal will be required to compensate the surety.

Wine, beer or liquor bond details

Your permit number and type of business must appear on the bond form. The state requires the insurance company to provide them with at least 30 days’ notice before canceling a bond.

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