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Certificate of title bond cost

Illinois certificate of title bond amounts must be 1.5 times the vehicle’s appraised amount. The Secretary of State can provide the exact bond amount needed. Before we can help you get the bond you need, you must know the appraised value of your vehicle.

Surety Bonds can instantly issue bonds up to $25,000 for just $15 per every $1,000 of the required bond amount. This means that if your car is appraised for an amount less than $25,000, you can get bonded in just 5 minutes without the need of a credit check! In fact, bond amounts up to $6,000 can be issued instantly for just $100.

If you need more than $25,000 of coverage, your request will be submitted for underwriting consideration.

These bonds are valid for a 3-year bond term, which means the price you’ll pay for your bond gets you 3 years of coverage!

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Why this bond

The state of Illinois requires any individual who purchases a car without the original title to post a certificate of title surety bond. The bond acts as a legal obligation to repay any and all monetary losses incurred if the car turns out to be stolen or if the title turns out to be fraudulent or otherwise invalid. In the event of theft or forgery, this surety bond will ensure that the rightful owner of the car is compensated for the full value of the vehicle.

Certificate of title bond details

Illinois certificate of title surety bonds remain in effect for a 3-year bond term.

Applicants must know the make, model, body type and vehicle identification number to get bonded. A notary public’s signature is also required.

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