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Tobacco license bond cost

The Georgia Department of Revenue’s Alcohol and Tobacco Division requires manufacturers, importers and distributors of cigars, cigarettes, loose and smokeless tobacco to post surety bonds in varying amounts prior to conducting business. Applicants must verify their required bond amount with the state prior to bonding.

Why this bond

Georgia tobacco license and performance surety bonds ensure that principals (tobacco manufacturers, importers and distributors) promptly pay all sums due to the state, including taxes, license fees, rental charges and more. These bonds also ensure that principals comply with all provisions of the Georgia Public Revenue Code.

If the principal fails to comply with the terms of the surety bond, the state is protected from financial loss up to the full penal sum of the bond.

Tobacco license bond details

Tobacco license and performance bonds in Georgia can be canceled by the principal, the surety, or the state by providing 60 days’ notice of cancellation in writing to the other parties.

Although applicants will pay $100 for the full year, these bonds expire annually on June 30. Therefore, your bond premium could be prorated depending on when you buy it. Our team of surety experts works hard to get you bonded according to your specific needs.

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