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Alcohol seller bond cost

The Georgia Department of Revenue requires sellers of alcohol to file a surety bond before commencing business operations. Since there are so many different types of alcohol seller bonds in Georgia, as illustrated in the chart below, there is a variety in the amounts required for the bonds. There is also a variance in the length of these bonds (although most remain valid for 1 year) and the cancellation clauses associated with them.

For certain alcohol seller bonds, such as the manufacturers distilled spirits license bond, Surety Bonds can instantly issue for just $100. This means there is no credit check and everyone qualifies for the flat rate!

For other bonds, such as the brew pub license bond, premiums are determined through an underwriting process. This consists of a review of your credit report and financial history. Worried that you don’t qualify? We can approve 99% of our applicants through our bad credit bonding program!

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Why this bond

Alcohol seller bonds hold the principal (alcohol seller) responsible for breaches of law during the course of business operations. By requiring alcohol sellers to file a surety bond, they must comply with the provisions of the bond form, or else be subject to claims against them. Common violations of alcohol seller bonds include:

  • Failure to pay taxes and license fees
  • Operating without a valid license
  • Selling alcohol to minors
  • Advertising alcohol prices in visible places outside of business
  • Selling alcohol for less than the cost for the licensee
  • And more

Alcohol seller bond details

Alcohol sellers in Georgia are required by the Georgia Department of Revenue to execute a surety bond. There are many different types of alcohol sellers within the state, so the bonding amounts will vary according to your type. The bond term and cancellation clause will also vary according to your specific type, although most tend to be 1 year and 60-day cancellation notices.

Become an alcohol seller

Georgia alcohol sellers are required to obtain three different licenses and permits to operate: a local alcohol license, state alcohol license and Federal Basic Permit. There are many different types of licenses and alcohol, so it is important to locate the resources that help you find the correct license.

Local: Check with your municipality concerning the requirements and forms required to obtain your local alcohol license. There could be several differences depending on your municipality.

Federal: Once you receive your state license, you can obtain a Federal Basic Permit through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. There is no fee for this permit.

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