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Information on Business Service Bonding

This page is a guide to business service surety bonds. If you’re looking for information about surety bonds for cleaning companies,

Business service bonds protect consumers from the potential theft that could be committed by company employees who work in clients’ homes or offices. Business service bonds are optional insurance products that are purchased by many different types of businesses, such as:

  • pest control services
  • general repair services
  • pool cleaning services
  • security/surveillance guards
  • carpet cleaning companies
  • appliance repair services
  • locksmiths
  • painters
  • pet sitters
  • child care professionals
  • moving companies
  • gardeners/groundskeepers

If your employees work in clients’ personal spaces, purchasing a business service bond is an impactful, cost-effective way to promote your company as a credible enterprise that has clients’ best interests in mind.

Pay a Low Rate for Your Bond

Business service bonds are a great value for business owners who want to protect clients from employee theft. Applicants with 5 or fewer employees will pay a low annual rate depending on the amount of bond coverage:

  • $121 for $10,000 of coverage
  • $180 for $25,000 of coverage
  • $247 for $50,000 of coverage
  • $334 for $100,000 of coverage

Annual rates increase slightly for each additional employee.

Credit checks aren’t required for business service bonds issued for less than $25,000, so individuals with credit issues don’t have to worry about their credit scores when applying for a bond through us. W

Get Your Business Service Bond Fast

Getting a surety bond is easy with us. Simply call one of our expert surety specialists at 888.610.4474, or submit a bond request ! Your surety specialist will ask you for the following information:

  • the state in which your employees will work
  • the number of employees you have
  • how much coverage you want

Your bond will be issued as soon as your payment is received. You will receive a copy of your bond via email, and your original bond form will be mailed via your preferred shipping method.

Market Your Bond to Grow Your Business!

Although business service bonds are not required by government agencies, it’s a good idea to purchase one for your company. Why? As a business owner, you might think you have sound judgment when it comes to hiring employees, but sometimes even a clean record and good references don’t tell you all you need to know about an employee.

Being bonded not only promotes a credible reputation but also encourages clients to trust you. Potential customers will feel more confident knowing they’re working with a business that’s fully bonded and insured.

By purchasing a bond, you’ll be able to market your business as legally licensed and bonded on your business cards, website and social media profiles. Then you can watch the business roll in!

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